Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Way Beyond Expectations..!!

I am sooooo excited....!

I have only been journaling for about a month but already I am completely addicted, I can't get enough of it.

I've been looking through, (or should I say drooling over)? some of my new 'friends' journals and becoming very jealous.
When i started journaling last month, I bought a 'moleskin' and a 'Pink Pig' Journal, which have been great, especially the 'Pink Pig' one.  I have found that the 'Moleskin' journal Isn't very good if you want to use spray inks, unless you glue 2 pages together, which isn't ideal. I have decided to reserve my moleskin for either acrylic paints or drawing, it's perfect for that.. The 'Pink Pig' journal however, is ideal for spray inks, paints, gesso, etc

Whilst attending quite a few classes in my first month, I noticed that a lot of the ladies were using old ledgers, account books, record books and the results are fabulous,
                 - and so my search began...!

I started trailing charity shops, antique shops and the Internet and eventually found one which looked really nice.  It was on eBay and it was a really good price, so I thought that it was worth bidding on.  It was described as 'a large vintage journal, partially used', which sounded great to me. I read the measurements that it gave, but having a bit of a bird brain for numbers, I seriously underestimated the size...

As you can see, It is HUGE, and not what I expected at all! It arrived in a huge box which I couldn't lift, and I was like a kid at Christmas trying to tear into it..i was a woman possessed... It has something like 800 pages, so it's going to keep me busy for a very, very long time. 

I love it, the paper is fabulous and takes ink sprays as well as paints.  It is perfect to work in, but so heavy and when it is on my desk I can barely reach the top of the page lol.

I thought that I would share my 'monster journal' with you.  Hope you liked it.

It would be lovely to hear what you think, so leave me a message to say hello...

Thank you.....Gemma x



  1. Hey there Gemma! It's great to see your blog :-) I remember when you ordered this ledger! It looks enormous, haha! It will take you years to fill this! This blog will be a great record of your artistic journey. C u soon x

  2. This is awesome Gemma, what a great find! You'll have fun filling all those pages. You're one lucky lady I have been after one for ages, I never seem to spot them when they go up! If you see any more let me know? I can't wait to see what do in it. It will be gorgeous I know. Michelle xx

  3. I love this journal - you are so lucky to have it - thought I think you might have to invest in a crane and a 6 foot table to use it on!!! xxxxx