Sunday, 2 February 2014

Quirky Challenge #3 - Wishes for 2014

Wishes for 2014.....
Crafting Crafting Crafting Crafting Crafting....

What more do I need to say.....?  One of my main wishes for 2014 is to spend more time on my crafts.... I want to do more classes and learn loads of new techniques....
It is so difficult to get time to spend doing exactly what YOU want to do, and I really need to try harder.

For this challenge, I decided to use a wooden wall plaque.

To begin with, I painted a layer of cream paint as a base coat, then chose a selection of green and orange Distress Paints.  I applied some of each shade to my craft mat and spritzed water onto the paint to make 'puddles'.  I then pulled the the plaque through the paint, which makes a lovely effect due to the Distress Paints being reactive with water, you can keep adding 'layers' until you're happy with the depth of colour.  However, before you can add another layer of colour, you have to make sure that the previous layer is dry because Distress Paints set permanently when dry and you can keep applying your layers.


You can't see very well on these photos, but I sanded away the paint in some areas and along the edges to add some texture and to apply some treasure gold.
I coloured in this image with Prisma Colour Pencils. I love them as they blend so easily together and have a great depth of colour.  
To finish it off I added some pearls, a sentiment and a flower which was coloured to compliment the background colour.....

Thanks for popping over, happy crafting everyone xx


  1. This is brilliant, love it. Here's to getting your craft on. xxxx

  2. Perfect crafters plaque Gemma, I love it!

    Cazzy x