Friday, 8 June 2012


Good Evening fellow bloggers, hope you are well?

I had the chance today to try out PanPastels at a taster class at 'Art From The Heart'.
I have never used PanPastels before, so i was really looking forward to trying them out. I have seen them used by others, with amazing results.

The first half of the day we used only the brown and black PanPastels.  I didn't think at this point that I could get a good effect, but I was soon to be really surprised.

We were to try out various different techniques and effects on some Ranger Manilla tags.  I was amazed at how easily the colours blended together and made beautiful, vintage, and grungy backgrounds.

This tag was completed using only the brown and black PanPastels to create the background, and then stamped over with Dylusions solid leaf stamp and the text leaf stamp from the 'Doodle arts' and 'Around the Edge' stamp plate and a focal stamp, (which unfortunately I cannot remember the name of), in black Archival ink.  To finish this tag off i blended more black into the edges, leaving the centre of the tag a lighter brown colour, to give the images and edges more depth.
These tags were done still using the darker colours, but also Dy, very generously, let us use her collection of PanPastels, so we could include the brighter colours as well.  You are able to shade and highlight the tag until you get the effect you are looking for.
Again, using Manilla tags, we tried out different backgrounds and colours and played some more....
We blended the backgrounds with our chosen shades of colour and then chose a stamp to use with an embossing ink pad. We used Ranger, Perfect Medium. Before i used the embossing ink pad, I added more depth to the backgrounds using alphabet stamps, stencils and Dylusions ink sprays, which are absolutely fabulous, by the way!
Once the image is stamped, I gently applied PanPastels over the top with a brighter colour.  The pastels stuck to the embossing ink and left a smooth, vivid and vibrant colour which stood out against the background.

Unlike 'normal' chalks, PanPastels have a much stronger pigment in them which means that the colours are so much more vibrant, and are also easier to blend.  When you run your hands over your piece of work, you would expect the colour to transfer onto your hands, but it doesn't very much at all, so you really don't need to seal it, although if you want to, a cheap hairspray will work.

Since doing this taster class I have used my Panpastels a lot.  recently I have used them on a journal page to add colour and highlights to a magazine cut-out of a ladies head which was very pale.  The Panpastels enabled me to add colours to her cheeks, eyes and lips, as well as shading to add depth.
I am really pleased with all of the effects these pastels have given me and they are a joy to use.

Happy Crafting Bloggers  xxxx


  1. Good that all your stuff is different but really thought out. You have found your media I think

  2. Especially love the black and brown one Gem - Like you not done much with the pan pastels but might do some more - once I get a better range of colours. Great post x