Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ist page in monster journal

I've been waiting for a day when I wake up feeling like a woman who could conquer the world, or in this case, conquer a page in my monster journal....and unbelievably, today was that very day.
I jumped out of bed with the courage of a lion, and couldn't wait to get started..that was until I had a huge blank journal page in front of me, and I had a mental block.
After staring at a blank, daunting page, I gave myself a strict talking to and grabbed a handful of acrylic paints.  They were just a cheap brand as I haven't built up my acrylic paint stores yet.....
I chose Azure Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Grass Green and Cloud White.  I used a palate knife to blend some of the blue paint with the white to get a lighter blue, and then used a baby wipe to apply the paint to the page.
At this point I didn't have a clue where this page was heading or what i wanted it to be - my brain was as blank as the page!
I applied the blue paint to roughly one third of the page, and then, as before I mixed some green with white and used a baby wipe to apply this to the remaining page. Before it had chance to dry I added some of the sunshine yellow paint to brighten up certain areas on the page.  Such as; adding a sun to the sky and lightening the green area below the blue 'horizon'.
By the time the paint had dried, I still had no idea what to do with the page, so I walked away from it and had some lunch.....
...........5 hours later I crept up to my monster journal, as if to surprise it into submission, and I suddenly remembered an image I had cut out from a magazine a few days ago.  It was an image of a big blue bird with female legs.  I found the image and amazingly it was the right size for the page and the bird sat perfectly on the 'horizon' line.  I glued it into position and when the glue was dry, I outlined it with a black fine liner pen.

I added some extra texture and depth to the page with some of the darker blue paint and some of the white, applied with small bottle tops and the edge of a credit card. 
The leaves I used were from the Around the Edge stamp plate from Dylusions.  I thought that it created a nice depth to the page when the leaves were stamped but you could still see the sun shining through.

I then concentrated on the bottom of the page.  I used an IndigoBlu foliage stamp, and over stamped the grasses with some tall dandelions, also from IndigoBlu.  I coloured the leaves and the flowers/foliage in with Dylusions Ink sprays. 
The final thing I had left to do was stamp a butterfly (IndigoBlu) onto a piece  of card. I coloured it in with inks and then glazed it, to make it shine.  When the glaze had dried completely, I glued the butterfly to the page and stamped a sentiment which read, 'Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle'

I would love to believe that that was true, wouldn't you?

Once i had finally braved the journal, I really enjoyed working in it, more pages to come soon I hope......

I hope you like my birdy with lovely legs, I would love to hear from you, so leave a comment, please......

thank you--- Happy crafting friends  x

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