Monday, 12 August 2013

The chaos is over...!

Keep Calm and Craft..!

I can't begin to explain how fabulous it feels to be back in my craft room after all this time.  What was supposed to be a very quick addition of a storage unit and new shelves, turned into months of chaos and having boxes full of craft stuff spread over several rooms waiting for the right time to be moved back in to its rightful place.....

I slowly started reorganising my room box by box.  I suddenly realised how much stuff I've got.  You buy bits and pieces and over the years and it slowly  builds up in size to the stockroom of a small shop!!
I'm really no good at unpacking things - it takes me ages.  The reason it took me ages this time is because I kept finding things I had forgotten I had, which in turn meant that I spent the next few hours 'playing' with them; not the most productive of ideas...Lol!!

After months of chaos, I'm back in my room....YIPPEE!!

It is such a fabulous feeling being back in my room.  It seems to have a calming effect on me. It's my very own crafty retreat....

I actually think it has some sort of time warp system in there somewhere.  One minute I can be happily working away on something in the morning and the next time I look at the clock it's mid-afternoon and half the day has gone! It's so bizarre....!

The room doesn't look great in these photos, but believe me, it's so organised and tidy compared to how it was a few months ago.
I really look forward to going in there now to craft.  I'd got to the point that I wasn't enjoying myself because it was so cluttered and messy and I've even got room to spare fora bit of extra storage...totally unheard of!!! 

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  1. Wow hun, this looks awesome. Been hearing about you claen up so its lovely to see the end result. Now need to see lots of crafting going on in there. xxxx