Monday, 24 March 2014

Quirky challenge #6 Reminder - what's in the crafty wardrobe?

I've had to compromise again this week as my printer is still not working, but should be fixed by tomorrow, so fingers crossed....

My project this week is a mix of things from my own craft room, but I wanted to make it look really distressed, vintage and as close to the theme as I could. 
I began by choosing some paints and used my fingers instead of a brush, to give the page more of a textured background....

 I then used a piece of tissue paper, scrunched it up and applied walnut stain with a blending tool over the raised areas of the paper, using gel medium to stick it to the page.

I found a die-cut of a wardrobe and clothes in my stash and inked the edges and stuck this to my page. I was out of my comfort zone doing this project as I'm not used to using die-cuts.


  1. Nice wardrobe Gemma, well done!

    Cazzy x

  2. I wrote a comment but it didn't send it :(. Loving the new blog Gemma, it looks great. Love the colouring on your stamped wardrobe. Michelle xxx