Monday, 17 March 2014

Quirky Crafts Challenge #6 - what's in the quirky cupboard?

Hello again, it's only me!  What a busy month March is turning out to be. So many things to and not enough days to do them in...

I'm really enjoying my Design Team projects with Quirky Crafts, they encourage me to use crafting items that I may not always go to.

This weeks project really made me think hard..I was truly stumped for a short while, but I thought of an idea eventually. 

It didn't help that my printer had decided not to work!
With my printer not working, it meant that I couldn't use the digi images for this weeks challenge, so I had a dig about in my crafty stash and used what I could find..!

I chose two tags of the same size and covered both sides of one tag and one side of the other with paper which had a subtle wood grain effect to it, it was also slightly textured.

I then selected a couple of brown paints, one light and one slightly darker, and used a baby wipe to smooth and blend them together. 
The tag which is covered both front and back needs to have a door cut into it. The easiest way I found was to get a tag a size smaller and either draw or cut around it, but only on three sides..

Once dry I used a walnut stain around the edges which draws your attention to the lighter 
part of the door.
I used a swirly stamp to add some flourishes to the corners and edges of the door and tag.

I thought that I'd add a twist to my project for the challenge theme. I spent a long time 
looking for what I wanted, but I knew I had the ideal item somewhere...

And here they are....everyone has some sort of skeleton in their closet even if it is a couple of 
dancing ones like mine...

I stuck some Washi tape to the painted side of the other tag in strips as I wanted them to 
look like shelves ...
To make sure that the skeletons are in the right position, I needed to glued the two tags together by just lining them up properly.


Once the skeletons are in place,  they just need to be secured and the wardrobe tag is then finished......

I hope you like my skeletons in the closet, I had fun making it...

It would be great if you popped over to say hello, it would be lovely to hear from you...

Happy crafting xxx


  1. Ooh I saw this on their challenge blog - didn't realise it was you til I followed your F/bk link! Nice work :o)

  2. aww thats great love it great idea and easy!!!!!! thanks for sharing gemma xxx

  3. great idea and easy !!!!! thanks for sharing gemma xx