Hi folks, and welcome to my Blog.......

My name is Gemma Maggs and I'm a craft-a-holic!!!

I'm a Welsh lass, born and bred but I now live in North Yorkshire with my lovely husband-to-be, our mischievous Poodle and Monty our small but very old rabbit...

This is our poodle

I absolutely love this part of the world, but I do miss the coastline and beaches of Pembrokeshire, West Wales.   I try and go back as often as I can to visit my parents (who I miss a lot) and get my 'fix' of beaches.......!

I started papercafting when I was about 15, although I have always loved crafting of all forms. 
When I was a young child I can remember sitting with my mum and Nan, making all sorts of little projects and loving every second of it.
Whilst I was at University i started making cards again, and it reminded me of how much I had missed it.  Since that time, I have tried many different crafts and enjoyed them all!!

But then the big obsession/addiction happened about 3 years ago...  dah da daaaaaaa!!!
....I discovered Mixed Media Art, Art Journaling and Altered Art and I have never looked back.... Hooray, I hear you cry!!!

I absolutely love it and I never stop learning new techniques of all kinds to help me create new pieces of work.  I'm still fairly new to the mixed media world, so I'm still developing my own style and my own creativeness but, slowly and surely, I'm getting there..!
I regularly attend as many workshops as possible, to develop my own skills and keep up to date with the latest trends and any new products.  

This is my little crafting haven.  Its pure bliss..

This truly is a passion of mine and I see crafting as a happy place to retreat to.  My craft room is my 'safe haven' where I can lose myself, and come out covered in inks, paints and sprays, days later...!!

I hope you enjoy looking at my blog, and come back and visit again soon.